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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hello, visitor.
I am a long-time reverse engineering hobbyist. Most of that time I've been "working for myself" but now I've decided to share some of my findings. My reverse engineering interests include decompilation, file formats and interoperability (and more). I've written a two-part article on Visual C++ reversing for 1, 2.
Right now I'm "into" eBook readers, so the next few posts will probably be on eBook formats.


samschul said...


in your blog you state that you used a Rio Docking Station cable connector to interface between your PC and the Kindle. I am having problems locating a Rio Docking Station. Do you have any ideas as to where I can obtain a 20 pin Ribbon flex zif cable (Which I bought) to a larger connector that I can mate to a DB9 rs232 connector.
Sam Schulenburg

Igor Skochinsky said...

I used the Rio Karma dock just to get the cable and connectors, you can use whatever works. The only connectors I saw for flat flex cables have SMD pitch, so you could probably use an SMD breakout board for convenient soldering (I didn't have any so I tried to work with what's available). However, do NOT connect the wires directly to DB9 connector, as RS232 uses different voltage levels from TTL and if you connect Kindle directly to PC you can damage it. You have to use a TTL-RS232 or TTL-USB converter in between.

P.S. to all visitors: please leave comments under relevant posts...

samschul said...

Thanks, I'll post in the appropriate forum in the future.

Sam Schulenburg