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Friday, December 14, 2007

Sony Reader PRS-505 disassembly

I liked looking into the Reader much more than the Kindle.

Sony Reader PRS-505 disassembly


Eric Monti said...

Very cool.

I'd love to see more about this device such as info about the firmware, if you found anything worth talking about.

Igor Skochinsky said...

I did quite a lot of work on Sony and I do plan to write something but not sure when I will get to it... In the meantime you can check some of my posts on's Sony Reader Dev Corner.

chun said...


I have a prs-505 which could have problems in the reset button now. It turns out that as long as I press the external case near the reset hole of the reader (even not hardly), it is reset. It seems to have sth stucked between the reset trigger and the case. So I am gonna disassemble it. Could u pls explain the step of remove the top panel more clearly? Thx.


Ramona said...

This is great!